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The Posh Pouf was opened in the year 1999, and since 15 years. Our main focus has been to provide exquisitely packaged traditional food at an affordable price to wherever their customer groups are located, be it corporate houses, malls or even exhibition stalls. We are spread in an area of about 2000 sq ft with 90 persons (+) seating capacity. Our innovative menu and state-of-the-art manufacturing and delivery systems ensures original flavor from base-kitchen-to-customer. Serving Traditional food and Exotic combos in modern & hygienic environment along with a ice-cream parlor makes The Posh Pouf an excellent restaurant to make your taste buds tickle. Our live music which includes Ghazals and contemporary songs by various artists make the environment very serene, relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable. Hence, The Posh Pouf is a great place to relax and enjoy delicious dishes made by our expert chefs. The best multi cuisine restaurant in Lucknow that prides for excellent multi cuisine, classy ambiance, serene atmosphere, relaxed sceneries, Live Music and that can cater parties of all types and sizes. Inside The Posh Pouf restaurant you can experience great food with an exclusive Private Dining Space of 16-20 persons, Indoor Restaurant, Banquet Hall and a Party Hall. We believe a restaurant should live up to its name; it is after all, a place to have an unforgettable experience and a place where our patrons should feel relaxed after hectic day at work. Whether you are looking for a cozy intimate meal, a quite family outing or a chill evening - you need go no further. Set in a perfect environment and coupled with prompt and friendly service every effort is taken to make you feel well looked after. At The Posh Pouf we have endeavored to assemble the very best assortment of some of the favorite dishes to give cooking a new dimension and take its vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties to higher levels of culinary excellence. At this institution of hospitality we not only take pleasure in serving food but guarantee satisfaction as well