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Welcome to Our Bakery

The Posh Pouf Restaurant has recently started its Home Bakery Posh Pouf Delights. Keeping in view the ongoing adulterations with bakery products in various bakeries we strictly imphise on tasty yet healthy bakery products at our restaurant.
As they say -- "Happiness is just a cake away”!! You desire n we will deliver coz it’s just not a cake it’s your love ❤ made visible through that beautiful piece. We bake that’s our superpower Understanding your needs we bring you economical cakes with outstanding quality n designs. Theme cakes for birthdays wedding and your cherished special occasion. We specialize in wide variety of yummy cupcakes cake pops cookie cakes mouse cakes. Flavored fruit cakes especially popular fondant cakes, special nuteella and amazing Ferroro Rocher cakes... N many more varieties. Now, no hazzels as we are right next to you-"u desire n we deliver"
Sr. No. Item Rate /Kg
1 Cream Cake Any Flavour 1000
2 Mouse Cake Any Flavour 1150
3 MChoclate Cake 1150
4 Fondant Cake Extra For Decoration 1300
Specialties :- Also Available Theme Cake,Choclate Oreo Cake,Ferrero Rocher Cake,Cup Cake,Brownie, Dry Cakes etc.